About the Programme

In recognition of the deep and historical ties between India and ASEAN, India's foremost technical education centres, the internationally renowned Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs), welcome aspirants from ASEAN countries to apply for PhD fellowships. Applicants apply online on this portal. Those selected get a chance to finish their PhD with funding at par with their Indian counterparts from the Government of India. The funding covers the entire cost of study and living expenses for up to 5 years of their PhD programme.

Fellowship Details

Maximum tenure of each fellowship 5 years
Stipend per month INR 31,000/- for the first 2 years, INR 35,000/- for the next three years
Research grant Up to INR 170,000/- for research expenses such as travel, books, contingency
Accommodation/Monthly House Rent Allowance Upto 24% - as per Govt. norms (depending on the city) - of the stipend, if hostel accommodation not provided.

Provisional Results (Last updated: 23rd January 2020)

Provisional Results for the application round ending October 31, 2019

(These candidates should contact the respective IITs for final offer letter; other candidates will receive an email soon with further information.
For any questions, email asean@iitd.ac.in)

Programme Origin

On 25th January 2018, the eve of Indian Republic Day, the honourable Prime Minister of India Shri Narendra Modi, in the presence of the heads of all 10 ASEAN countries, announced 1000 fellowships for ASEAN citizens to pursue the PhD programme at an IIT of their choice. The programme is exclusively for aspirants from ASEAN countries and in commemoration of the 25th anniversary of the warm and friendly ties between India and ASEAN.

Selection Procedure

  • Interested candidates apply online on the portal.
  • They choose the IIT and the specific programme/area in the online application.
  • Each IIT a candidate applies to conducts its admission process consisting of application screening, shortlisting, possible online interview, and announces its admission offers, including the waitlist. Candidates selected in multiple programmes give their final acceptance to exactly one, and the consolidated results are announced on this portal after duly operating the waitlist.

Available Fellowships

Total number of fellowships available 1000
Total duration of the programme until graduation of all fellows 7 years
Total number of incoming batches 3
Expected incoming batch size (total) 250 in 1st year, 300 in 2nd year, 450 in 3rd year


The Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs) are considered among the best engineering/technology institutions in the world. They are also among India's most well known brands. In a fresh beginning, the Government of India - through this programme, offers fully funded fellowships exclusively for ASEAN aspirants to pursue PhD at an Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) of their choice. This an exclusive programme and different from all other Government of India programmes such as Study in India and all other fellowships. Accordingly, it doesn't share any common application procedure with them.

The programme offers fellowships only at IITs, and is not meant for any other Indian educational institution.

Apply online (on this portal) to all programmes you wish to apply for, and every selected candidate is awarded the fellowship for pursuing PhD.

Applications are accepted on an ongoing basis. See the "Important Dates" section on the homepage for the deadline of the current round.

The fellowship is at par with that for Indian research scholars and covers the entire cost of study and living expenses for up to 5 years of the PhD programme. It provides an additional contingency fund to cover research expenses such as travel and books.